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Daniel Arango U77055196 I study political science because I enjoy learning about other countries and their peoples and culture. The process of figuring out how these people and certain states exist, as well as how they relate to each other is very interesting to me. The breadth of the subject is beneficial to anyone who wants a diverse and full education because it touches on so many different subjects; history, politics, current affairs, culture, communications, economics are just a sampling. Political science doesn’t assume from the beginning that we have to have a special expertise as other majors do. Aside from a basic knowledge of government and history that we get in high school, many people can take up some part of the subject, which is very appealing to me. By studying political science I gain knowledge about community, state and national organization, electoral politics, social movements and how to participate in appointed positions and government. Aside from being able to study from many different disciplines, I also have learned that it helps to
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