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The kind of internship I’m looking for is with an organization that deals with some kind of product/movement on a global scale. Although I understand my internship should deal with politics in some fashion, I would not be averse to working with a company that deals with communications globally (i.e. a BBC). I have worked with a media company so I have some familiarity with that sector. For example, a newspaper or journal that writes on politics and news with a particular focus (for example, the Guardian or Times). But I would really prefer to work with an organization that deals with policy making in general. For example, a think tank that helps with research of economic policy for the European Union. For that matter, any company that does business with or coordinates efforts with the European Union would interest me greatly. I have always been interested with how countries came to for the EU and how integrating into the global economy at large affects their domestic policies. Saying this, I
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