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Child Development Study Guide - Child Development Study...

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Unformatted text preview: Child Development Study Guide Adolescence: # 1 predictor of academic success: self-regulation Peer relations: *popular-prosocial *rejected-withdrawn *popular-antisocial * rejected-aggressive Sociometric research : method for gatherings this type of research Rejected-aggressive: misinterpret innocent behavior as hostile; rejected by peers Key functions of peer groups: serves as a transition between romantic and sexual relations (stepping stones) Cultural differences: *individualistic *collectivist *differences in how they socialize, and amount Parenting styles: *authoritarian *permissive *uninvolved * authoritative: best one, because they set boundaries, but are not mean, and they are understanding Adolescent development: Cognitive development:-Their planning is good for school stuff (getting hw done on time), but they cannot plan well and succeed in the real world yet-sex differences in cognitive development: the trends is declining; gap is closing-formal operations thinking not always used; why?-because we may not always need to ; “they are capable, but may not need for everyday activities”- hypothetico: deductive reasoning; proposional thought, hierarchal classification Hypothelico-deductivo: different liquids mixing 2gether; experiment about it Development of sexuality:- 3 phases of GLBTQ populations-feel different in some way-confusion about what are u feeling, is it real?-acceptance-not the best method out there Identity Development: Identity foreclosure: *achievement: firm, set in your beliefs *moratorium *diffusion Components of Identity: who am i? who am I becoming? Sense of self *ethnic group membership: could be one sense of identity Self-Esteem: -important-majority of teenagers do have faith in that they can cope with life’s problems Physical Development: *onset of puberty: onset is declining (girls get their periods earlier) *this is because of better nutrition, health care, etc *middle childhood: one trait in physical development: BONES *they get LONGER and more BROAD...
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Child Development Study Guide - Child Development Study...

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