Part 2 History 106

Part 2 History 106 - Roman Technology and Science o o o...

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Roman Technology and Science o Lack of contribution. The Roman’s didn’t give a whole lot to science. Astronomy, knowledge, cosmos, why things worked. o Technology didn’t change from the Greeks. Roman’s refined existing technologies. o The Roman’s only changed things when it was most important. Chainmail to plate metal. When something worked the Roman’s usually stuck with what they know. They didn’t experiment. They made the most of what they already knew. o Roman arch . Use of bricks to make an arch. This was from the Greek’s. The Greek’s used stone to form arches. o Puteoli concrete – Was a strong building material. Durable and waterproof. The internal structure of the coliseum was built from this material. o Idea of siege weapons was from the Greeks. Catapults and ballistae. o Trireme(warship). o Roman’s were better at refining technology than inventing things themselves. o Frontinus (70 BS ) He was over all water transportation in Rome. Educated those who had his job, how water works. How water behaves in pipes. He told Aquarians how to properly do their jobs. o Road building – the Roman’s were very good at surveying. They had land measuring techniques. They were so good at building roads some of them are still in use today. o The Roman’s were mostly based on technique. Science Armies were always led by people that were elected into office. Learning how to govern and fighting were the things Roman’s free time. This changed around 78-27 BCE Their government was replaced by a monarchy. This is the Roman Imperial age. Aristocratic noticed they didn’t have much of a say in government, so they began to observe things on their own time. They began to read what the Greek philosophers wrote. Varro (44BCE) he retired and spent the rest of his life finding facts. This was called antiquarian. He went through ever book and looked for things that were historically important. Aratus
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Part 2 History 106 - Roman Technology and Science o o o...

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