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HSM 210 Week 2 - Assignment, Contemporary Problems
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HSM 210 Contemporary Problems Joshua Stanchek There are many problems that are happening in the United States, and the human services are trying their best with the resources they have to help resolve the problems. One problem that is crying for help is the problem of homeless people. There are several problems that make it hard to reach the needs of these homeless people. Most of the homeless people do not have good connections with the county and are not able to receive help from them. Due to this lack of connection, there is not an official documented number of exactly how many homeless singles are in the area so they can’t document as much information on the problems. Also, the county does not provide a homeless shelter on short notice for the occurrences of a crisis. These homeless people do not have the facilities to clean themselves by bathing, nor do they have a place to go when the weather becomes cold. The homeless population that has laundry to wash is usually stuck wearing their clothes over and over again because there aren’t any places provided for them to do their laundry. The county
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