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Unformatted text preview: w the Directory. A new form of government known as the Consulate was substituted. With the fall of Directory the Revolution too came to an end. Consequences of French Revolution Though at the end of ten years of Revolution France had reverted to almost dictatorial rule yet the Revolution yielded some gain. 1) feudalism and the privileges of the nobility and clergy were abolished. 2) The Church had been subordinated to the state. 3) Laws has been codified. 4) Taxation was now shared by all and fairly distributed on all sections of society. The principles of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity were guaranteed to the people. Political liberty, social equality and national patriotism. Wars of Revolutionary France War with Austria and Prussia (1792-93) Formation of the First Coalition 1793-97) Austria, Prussia, Holland, Spain and Great Britain fought against France. Nepoleon’s Italian Campaign (1796-97) The Eqyptian Campaign (1798-99) The formation of the Second Coalition (1798-1802) Great Britain, Austria, Russia and...
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