French Revolution


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Unformatted text preview: to wage an economic war against Great Britain. Berlin Decrees (1806)European ports were closed to British shipping, so that British goods might not be sold in European markets. Milan Decrees (1807) All the neutral ships coming from British colonies would be seized. Result of economic warfare 1) British trade hit adversly 2) No foreign goods for France 3) Scarcity of food in Europe, Unpopularity of Nepoleon Several countries faced shortage of foodstuff and refused to adhere to the Continental System e.g. protugal, Spain and Russia. Causes of failure of Continental System Supremacy of British Navy Allies of France did not co-operate The Peninsular War (1808-1814) The Continental System soon involved France in a bitter struggle with Portugal and Spain. British supported both the countries in their struggle against Continental System. Revolt in Austria (1809) Prussians also did rise against Nepoleon The Russian campaign (1812) Tsar Alexender had accepted Continental System in 1807 but soon he discovered how adversely it affecte...
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