French Revolution

Hecalled himselfthemanofdestiny in 1804 the senate

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Unformatted text preview: Turkey joined together against France. Treaty of Amiens (1802) THE CONSULATE (1799-1804) Nepoleon was the chief architect of the new constitution. Consuls: The executive authority was vested in three consuls. The first Consul in practice was in full control of al internal and foreign policy and was in command of the army . Nepoleon was elected First Consul for ten years but in 1802, he was appointed first Consul for life. Nepoleon was an ambitious man and had great confidence in his own ability. He called himself the “man of destiny”. In 1804 the Senate passed a decree, saying, “the government of the republic is entrusted to an emperor” and by overwhelming vote Nepoleon was elected as Emperor of France. Nepoleon ‘s Reforms 1) The Constitution 2) Centralization of Local Government. 3) Financial reforms 4) Concordat with the Pope (1801) 5) Legal Reforms 6) Educational Reforms Nepoleon proudly said, “ I am a child of the Revolution”. Wars of Nepoleon Conflict between France and Great Bri...
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