French Revolution

French Revolution

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Unformatted text preview: tain (1803) The Third Coalition (1805-1807) Austria, Russia and Great Britain formed coalition to fight against Nepoleon. Prussia also joined in 1806. Austria was defeated by Nepoleon in 1805 and reduced to a second class power. Battle of Jena (1806) Nepoleon defeated the Prussians at Battle of Jena War with Russia. Nepoleon defeated Russian at Friedland in 1807. Treaty of Tilsit (1807) it was between France and Russian Tsar Alexender and mostly concerned with Prussia. Prussia was dismembered. It was reduced to almost third- rate state. Tsar agreed to support Nepoleon for his Continental System. Nepoleon became master of Europe. Nepoleon “Continental System” (1806-07) After the Treaty of Tilsit (1807) the whole Europe was overrun by Nepoleon. But great Britain did not recognize the hegemony of France and still continued to fight against France. Therefore, Nepoleon was bent upon bringing Great Britain to her knees. His problem now was as to how a lion could strike at a shark. For this he introduced “Continental System”. Nepoleon called English “a nation of shop keepers” which had become rich on account of her trade and the industrial Revolution. Therefore, Nepoleon decided...
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