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French Revolution

The mob seized control of the bastille and its

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Unformatted text preview: e soldiers were coming to massacre them! So, on July 14, 1789, a mob stormed the Bastille, a prison in Paris where hundreds of prisoners were locked up for petty crimes, never to be seen again. The mob seized control of the Bastille and its entire armory and gunpowder, throwing Paris into anarchy The March on Versailles But the peasants were not content withthe liberation of Paris. King Louis livedin a palace in Versailles, to the west of Paris. Angered over the rising prices of bread caused by the wheat shortage,6,000 women marched to the palace.Upon reaching it, they broke down thedoor and killed two guards. Then theydemanded that the Royal family returnwith them to Paris. Three hours later,King Louis XVI of France, along with hisfamily and entire The women of Paris march on Versailles household, left their magnificent palace and returned to Paris as prisoners. For four years, theywere kept under armed guard in the Tuileries, the king¶s palace in Paris. But in 1792, the people of Paris declared France a republic. In a bloody demonstration of the end of themonarchy, radical revolutionaries beheaded King Louis XVI for treason to his countr Revolut...
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