French Revolution

Theyruledthroughafivemandirectory the directory 1795

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Unformatted text preview: eaders in the National Convention created a new form of government with powers separated between the legislature and the executive bodies. This gave France a period of order. The Thermidorians(1794The Thermidorians were representatives of the new 1799) class of republicans who had gained in wealth and property. They ruled through a five man directory. THE DIRECTORY (1795-99) The directory as the new constitution was called and accepted by the people through referendum. The new government was installed in office amidst a popular outburst of rioting against the Law of the Two-Third. The army had to be called in to deal with Paris mobs and for the first time since the outbreak of the Revolution, the army under General Nepoleon successfully suppressed the The uprising in a very short time. This was the end of mob-violence in Paris and marked the rise of Nepoleon who became famous overnight. “BRUMAIRE” COUP (1799) When the Directors failed to solve internal and external problems a military coup under the command of Nepoleon overthre...
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