French Revolution

Three days later the priests and nobles shut

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Unformatted text preview: ded and The Third Estate pledges the Tennis Court Oath announced the end of the French Monarchy and the beginning of a representative government. Three days later, the priests and nobles shut them out of their meeting room. This was the last straw for the Third Estate. They broke into an indoor tennis court and wrote the Constitution of 1791 for their new government. They pledged that they would remain in the tennis court until it was finished. To this day, the Tennis Court Oath is known as the beginning of the French Revolution. On June 17, 1789, the third estate established National Assembly. The Storming of the When the King Bastille heard what his subjects had done, he became afraid. He finally gave into the peasants demands, and ordered the nobles and priests to join the National Assembly. Then, he ordered his Swiss Guard, the most loyal troops, to protect him at his palace in Paris. But the peasants of Paris heard of the new arrivals too soon. Rumors beganflying about the city. The citizens of the city a French mob storms the Bastille believed that th...
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