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History 106 Essay study guide.

History 106 Essay study guide. - Essay 1 Didn't believe in...

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Essay 1 Didn’t believe in Change: Elleatics Permanides - said that change didn’t happen. H said that out of nothing comes nothing. For never shall this be proved that things that not are. Zeno Permanides’ pupil also denied there was change. The two said that everything around us was a powerful illusion. The “is” The “is not” Aristotle and Plato believed there was change. Plato argued there was an intermediate step between is and is not. He said there was a third state of being. Aristotle was more influential in convincing society that change happened. When the dry becomes wet or the cold becomes hot this is a change from privation to the intended form. Aristotle decided that that this point would be refuted so he came up with the Three states of being. 1 nonbeing, 2 potential being, and actual being. A seed is potentially a tree, but not actually a tree. In becoming a tree, it becomes actually what it already was potentially. He argued that all change in motion can be traced back to the natures of things.
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