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History 106 Study Guide Apologists – Christian writers of the 2 nd century that attempted to provide a defense of Christianity against Greco-Roman culture. Aristotle – In the 9 th century Arab scholars introduced Aristotle to Islam, and Muslim theology, philosophy, and natural science all took on an Aristotelian cast. His works on physics were banished in the scientific revolution around the 17 th century. His works on astronomy was also looked away from because of investigations by Copernicus and Galileo. Black Death – This was the epidemic of the bubonic plague that was brought to the west from central Asia and China around the 14 th century. The disease was spread across Europe by fleas that gave the disease to rats. It killed a quarter to one half of Europe. People had the tenancy to get the most out of life after the plague. A chunk of people started to look away from the church. It was one of the events that led to the Renaissance. It loosened affects of Authority. Bologna – 10 th and 13 th Centuries. City with tons of crime and murder. The murders attracted doctors for autopsies. With all the doctors in the area the University of Bologna was formed. Byzantium/Constantinople
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History 106 Study Guide - History 106 Study Guide...

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