History 106 final paper

History 106 final paper - In recent times, humans have been...

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In recent times, humans have been depicting the renaissance as a “rebirth” of art and literature while overlooking the most beneficial factor of this time. The events and discoveries that took place during and before the renaissance changed the way humans thought and observed about science and technology. After Dubus’ introduction he begins to talk about how, in this time period, humans became interested in improving man than the previous interest of logic. This caused a change in how people were educated. New schools were established focusing on athletics and military training. Students were taught, music, geography, and history. Before these schools were developed, students were learning only grammar, rhetoric and logic. This education reform was a problem in early renaissance because science was now being overlooked in lower level schools. The only place that offered scientific education was at the university level. One of the most important activities that took place in the renaissance was the gathering of ancient texts. People in the early renaissance thought the ancients knew everything. Each ancient text that was found was marked as a huge discovery. Some of the most favorable texts were written by Pliny, Galen, and Aristotle. People realized that Greek texts were important, but there were few people that could translate Greek texts. People then began to learn the Greek language and translate the text into Latin. People were able to get their hands on copies of ancient texts because of the invention of the printing press. While the majority of the public considered ancient texts to be flawless, some scientists disagreed with them. The scientists that disagreed with the ancient texts were
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against the ancient’s logical and observational approach. A more experimental approach was beginning to be developed. This new approach proved that some ancient texts were not valid and began to introduce the progression of modern science.
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History 106 final paper - In recent times, humans have been...

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