Exam Two - Niels Ben Nielsen BUSN 490 Exam 2 Read Excerpts...

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Niels Ben Nielsen BUSN 490 Exam 2 Read Excerpts from The Remains of the Day , available on reserve in the library, and answer the questions in Chapter 11 of the Moral Leader book. 1. How does Stevens think about butlering ? Butlering is central to Stevens’s life; he is a committed professional and spends an extensive amount of time contemplating on what a great butler is. Stevens was a butler during and after the “Great Age of Servants”, from the Victorian and Edwardian eras till after World War II (Sucher 101). Throughout the nineteenth century, domestic servants constituted the second largest employment for all English people (Landow). Butlers were a luxury for most people in this time period, and the indicated a level of prestige for their employers. Figure 1 depicts the different rankings of the household staff, with the butler at the top, followed by the footmen, the valets, kitchen maids, chauffeurs, house/parlor maids, at the bottom are the scullery maids, Gardener, and the Seamstress. Figure 1. The Butler Head Chef Head Housekeeper 1st Footman [2nd Footman] [3rd Footman] 1st Assistant 1st Assistant [2nd Assistant] Valet [2nd Assistant] Laundry Maids Kitchen Maids Chauffeur House Maids Parlor Maids Scullery Maids Gardener Seamstress
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This figure demonstrates how the butler was in charge of supervising the chef, the housekeeper, the under-butlers, the housemen, the maids, and the other members of the household staff. A butler held the foremost or highest position in the household staff; the butler, “was a position of noted accomplishment and prestige, steeped in tradition and proudly associated with the greatest houses of England” (Sucher 104). Because of the necessary duties and prestige that comes along with being a butler, Stevens dedicates his life and all of his efforts to fulfill the roles that position. He engages in a relentless pursuit of dignity throughout the novel, and he constantly puts on a professional poise
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Exam Two - Niels Ben Nielsen BUSN 490 Exam 2 Read Excerpts...

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