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Personal Code of Conduct - Niels Ben Nielsen BUSN 490...

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Niels Ben Nielsen BUSN 490 Personal Code of Conduct Assignment As a professional marketer, I am likely to face a multitude of ethical considerations. In order to maintain the highest ethical professional conduct, I shall strive for moral responsibilities and considerations in my actions both professionally and personally. There are many fundamental ethical considerations that I employ personally. Honesty : I strive for telling the truth, never deceiving or misrepresenting others, or myself and I uphold my promises and obligations to the fullest extent. Fairness : I treat everyone with equal consideration and value their opinions fairly and unbiased. I ethically respect the differences between individuals, and I fairly represent my self as well as the opinions and actions of my friends, family, and colleges. Hardworking : I strive for superior, ethical work by working my hardest at everything I do. I desire perfection and excellence, and the best way to achieve this is to work hard Open minded : I recognize the differing backgrounds and cultures that people have grown up in, and I ethically factor those differences into my treatment and decisions regarding different individuals Energetic : I ethically apply my energy for the betterment of myself as well as the betterment of society. In all I do, I strive for acting in responsible, ethical energetic fashions that produce the best results for everyone.
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Integrity : I desire to uphold all the above values in the best way possible. I act
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Personal Code of Conduct - Niels Ben Nielsen BUSN 490...

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