Exam One - Niels Ben Nielsen BUSN 490 Exam 1 1. What is the...

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Niels Ben Nielsen BUSN 490 Exam 1 1. What is the moral purpose of the One Laptop per Child project? The One Laptop per Child project is a nonprofit effort and is attempting to develop and distribute $100 laptops to poor children around the globe. It is a moral effort because, “individual human beings are all tools, that the others use to help us all survive”. The laptop is designed to help kids play and learn collaboratively as they never have before. The “nonprofit” element is at the core of the project; it is not out to make money or exploit impoverished cultures, it is simply acting on the moral purpose of helping fellow human beings by providing tools for educating the youth who have the potential and the ability to lift themselves up and impact society in beneficial and positive ways. The moral purpose of the project is to provide an educational tool to the poorest children around the world who do not have any of the advantages that most children have in developed nations. The project provides tools and opportunities that children of impoverished countries have never had before, for it is the responsibility of those who are privileged to provide and enhance the experiences of those individuals who are underprivileged. By providing educational tools to children, the project provides tools to the generation that has the ability to shape and alter the state of the world they live in. Most of the rich contributors have the moral responsibility to spread their wealth and enhance and enrich the world that all of us occupy. The goal of providing laptops to children exemplifies moral and ethical standards, for it is the responsibility of those in privileged status to uplift and inspire those that are not as privileged as the rest.
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The project is a significant initiative, and has the possibility for developing poorer nations and societies, which is the moral responsibility for those nations that have never experience what it is like not to have electricity, running water, or many of the commodities that we rarely recognize the impact that they have on our lives. The moral
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Exam One - Niels Ben Nielsen BUSN 490 Exam 1 1. What is the...

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