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Bs lectures 11 exam structure weight 35 total mark

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Unformatted text preview: rse, including lectures, tutorials, and assessments CATEI form B: Evaluation of Dr. B’s Lectures 11 Exam structure • Weight: 35% total mark • Material from the lectures, tutorial experiences, textbook and assigned readings are examinable • Students are expected to sit the exam on the prescribed day day Do not make other plans! Do 12 Exam Schedule Date: 27th October 2012 (Saturday) 27 Time: 1:45 pm 1:45 Duration: 2 Hours Hours Location: Surname starting with – Marquee A, Randwick Racecourse MAJ - Z – Marquee B, Randwick Racecourse A – MAI Important: Please ensure this info. is correct by checking myunsw Maps.html#AustralianJockeyClubRoyalRandwickRacecourse 13 Oaks Oaks Lawn Marquee 14 What do I bring with me? UNSW student ID Blue or black ink pens to write your answers with 2B pencils and erasers NO: NO: Electronic dictionaries UNSW exam guidelines available at: aminationrules.html 15 It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with the rules governing the conduct of examinations. Students must: • follow all instructions given by examination supervisors; examination • be in their place in the examination room not less than fifteen minutes before the time the examination commences; • display their current UNSW student identification card on their current examination desk for the duration of the exam. Students without an ID card will be required to provide other appropriate photo identification (a driver's licence or passport) and demonstrate their eligibility to sit for the exam; • switch off any mobile telephone and/or any other communication equipment, including music players, and place them under their seat before the examination commences; • answer all questions in English, unless otherwise stated. in 16 Students cannot: • bring a bag, writing paper, manuscript, book, or any material other than specified material into an examination room; • be admitted to an examination after thirty minutes from the time the examination commences; • leave the examination room before thirty minutes from the time the examination commences; • be re-admitted to the examination room after they have left it unless, during the full period of their absence, they have been under approved supervision; • leave the examination room during the final ten minutes of the examination; • obtain or endeavour to obtain assistance in their work; give or endeavour to give assistance to any other candidate; or commit any breach of good order; • eat during the course of an examination except under approved supervision. 17 Overview of the Final Examination Part A (30 marks ) MCQ, 40 questions, 0.75 marks each 30 Allow approximately 30 minutes Part B (70 marks) 2 Essay Questions, each essay worth 35marks Allow 90 Allow approximately 90 minutes 10 10 minutes reading time at the start (only reading allowed, no writing) 2 hours writing time hours 18 Misadventure or Illness What do I do if I’m gravely ill, and I miss the exam? Apply for special consideration within 3 working days to take the supplementary exam. Details at this website: The supplementary exam for MGMT1001 – The supplementary exam isn’t offered until 29th Nov, 2012. – If you are taking the supplementary exam, email Dr. Bernard Gan for specific information about the exam, as it is different from the original exam. 19 Further Exam advice to be briefed in details in the lecture 20...
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