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Course you should be able to skills outcomes 5 acquire

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Unformatted text preview: By the end of this course, you should be able to: Skills outcomes: 5. acquire foundational academic research skills 6. demonstrate familiarity with the process of critical analysis 7. enhance your effectiveness in working in groups and teams 8. 8. learn independently and assume responsibility for the learning process 7 ASB Graduate Attributes ASB Graduate Attributes Critical thinking and problem solving Communication Teamwork and leadership MGMT1001 Learning Outcomes 1-4, 6 7-8 7 Social, ethical and global perspectives 1-4 In-depth engagement with relevant disciplinary knowledge 1-4 Professional skills 4-8 8 What do I know now that I didn’t know before? • Understanding what an organisation is, and how it fits into society • Understanding management. • Recognising that the organisational environment and culture is important • Realising that strategy happens at more than one level in an organisation • Recognising that managing human capital is critical to the ongoing success of the company 9 • Understanding that working in a group or team can be challenging, but rewarding • Realising that having good communication skills will improve your career success • Understanding that individual differences differences will have an impact on workplace success • Leadership is complex • Recognising that we have different sources of power; that conflict is a fact of life, but that there are ways to manage it Interested in doing more? • 3 majors in the School of Management – Management – HR – IB (International business) • You can take electives in the School of Management, such as: as: – Human Resource Management (MGMT2718) – Comparative Management Systems (MGMT2106) – Critical Thinking & Analysis (MGMT2200) 10 • More Electives: – Managing Business communication (MGMT2002) – Managing Across Cultures (MGMT2102) – Global Business Environment Environment (MGMT1101) – Negotiation Skills (MGMT3721) – Career Planning & Management (MGMT2725) CATEI forms CATEI form A: Evaluation of the whole cou...
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