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ST 301 Test 2 Review Sheet

ST 301 Test 2 Review Sheet - ST 301 Test#2 Review...

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ST 301 Test #2 Review Experiment: process that leads the occurrence of one and only one of several possible outcomes Outcome: a particular result of an experiment Event: a collection of one or more outcomes Probability: the likelihood of some occurrence of some outcome or event P(event) Ex: Roll of Dice S: {1,2,3,4,5,6} =sample space Let A=even roll odd P(A)= 3/6 = ½ + 50% Complement: Ä or A c Everything but “A” P(A) + P( Ä )= ALWAYS 1 Mutually exclusive: occurrence of any one event means that none of the other events can occur Collectively exhaustive: one of the events must occur Intersection: A and B both happen (A B) Union: A happens, B happens (A B) P(A B)= P(A) + P(B) - P(A B) Conditional probability: probability of Event A occurring given that B has already occurred Independence- Does not change the occurrence of an event Dependence- occurrence of one event changes probability of other event occurring Probability Distribution- a listing of all random variables of an experiment and the
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