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midterm - this explains what an unjust action is 5 Give a...

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Introduction to Philosophy Midterm Review 1. What are the three parts of the 'subject matter' of philosophy? Your answer should include a description of each part. 2. What is the key feature of deductive arguments? What is a valid argument? What is a sound argument? What can we say about the conclusion of a valid, and sound deductive argument? 3. In the background theory to what we read in Plato's Republic , we asked the question, "What is there?" (or) "What types of things exists?" Name and describe the three answers to this question discussed in class. 4. Explain Plato's theory of justice (i.e. What does Plato think justice is?). Your answer should include what Plato thinks a just man is, a just city (or, state) is, what they have in common, and how
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Unformatted text preview: this explains what an unjust action is. 5. Give a brief summary of Plato's Allegory of the Cave. Pick out what you think are the pertinent details and give a plausible account of what they are supposed to mean. 6. Translate what follows into English: P(H/E) v P(H). What significance did this have in class (i.e. What was this supposed to define)? 7. What is Content Empiricism? How does this differ from Evidence Empiricism? 8. Lastly, there will be a question concerning Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (a question that has not yet been decided upon. .. stay tuned)....
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