04LectureSTUDENT070 - C.Golden Athens 1.Money funds culture...

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Lecture Four: Greece: Glory and Decline Lecture Reading – Sherman, pages 63-81, Document 2.3. I.Imperial Athens A.The Persian Wars, 490-480 B.C. 1.Greek tyrant rebels against Persian control 2.Athens assists – not enough to actually win 3.Persians decide to punish Greece 4.Battle of Marathon – Greeks heavily outnumbered but still win 5.Second Invasion – Persians determined to win, plan full scale invasion 6.Thermopylae – Spartans sold out by fellow Greek 7.Athens flees to ships 8.Herodotus records – Third invasion? B.Athens Builds Its Empire 1.Delian League – defensive organization/coalition/collect money/turns into offensive alliance 2.Athens takes control, begins Golden Age – empire with subject cities 3.Pericles becomes master statesman – champions democracy in Athens, representation for all citizens, all Athenian male citizens should be able to participate in Athenian democracy 4.Democracy advances 5.Independent action forbidden by Athens
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Unformatted text preview: C.Golden Athens 1.Money funds culture – rebuild Athens 2.Rebuilding and construction projects 3.Sculpture 4.Greek Theater – explore morality II.Peloponnesian War, 431-404 BC A.Thucydides gives account B.Athens navy, fortifications C.Sparta, strong infantry D.Melos destroyed – want to be neutral, Athens refuses and invades E.Alcibiades and Sicily F.Athens Loses III.Athens Contemplates Defeat A.Moral relativism - Sophists B.Socrates – should have moral absolutes, implicates democracy in his critique C.Plato – democracy not the answer, philosopher king is D.Euripides – critiques Peloponnesian wars with old story E.Aristophanes - comedies F.Explore issues of moral absolutes, democracy, warfare IV.Aftermath of War A.Athens loses B.Power struggles ensue – city-state issues C.Mercenaries add to problems D.Cities remain disunited and “sovereign”...
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04LectureSTUDENT070 - C.Golden Athens 1.Money funds culture...

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