5 overcome key organizational hurdles tipping point

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Unformatted text preview: cost, and adoption. The remaining two principles address the execution risks of Blue Ocean Strategy. 5. Overcome key organizational hurdles. Tipping point leadership shows managers how to mobilize an organization to overcome the key organizational hurdles that block the implementation of a blue ocean strategy. This principle deals with organizational risk. It lays out how leaders and managers alike can surmount the cognitive, resource, motivational, and political hurdles in spite of limited time and resources in executing blue ocean strategy. (cont’d) 15 © 2008 Kim & Mauborgne. All Rights Reserved. Blue Ocean Strategy Dictionary 6. Build execution into strategy. By integrating execution into strategy making, people are motivated to act on and execute a blue ocean strategy in a sustained way deep in an organization. This principle introduces, what Kim & Mauborgne call, fair process. Because a blue ocean strategy perforce represents a departure from the status quo, fair process is required to facilitate both strateg...
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