Adoption hurdles can block the execution of a blue

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Unformatted text preview: can block the execution of a Blue Ocean Strategy. These forces may come from the company’s employees, business partners, or the general public. One must identify adoption hurdles, and address them up-front before attempting to execute a Blue Ocean Strategy. Beyond the alignment of these three propositions, six principles drive the successful formulation and implementation of Blue Ocean Strategy. See Principles of Blue Ocean Strategy. Buyers encompass the totality of customers and noncustomers. Customers are existing industry customers; they are the ones the industry is fighting for. Often, companies focus on their existing customers and ignore noncustomers. Yet, to create new demand, companies need to look outside of their typical customer base. Instead of focusing on further segmenting customer differences, they need to build on powerful commonalities in what buyers value. This is because buyers are often willing to put their differences aside to gain a dramatic leap in new value. By changing a m...
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