An explanation of the thinking behind decisions makes

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Unformatted text preview: rategic decisions are made as they are. An explanation of the thinking behind decisions makes people confident that managers have considered their opinions and have made decisions impartially in the overall interests of the company. An explanation allows employees to trust management’s intentions even if their own ideas have been rejected. It also serves as a powerful feedback loop that enhances learning. See Fair Process. F Fair Process is the managerial expression of procedural justice in the formulation and execution of strategic decisions. Fair process inspires employees to cooperate voluntarily and to go beyond the call of duty in executing a Blue Ocean Strategy. The implementation of any great strategic vision relies on the support and alignment of all members of an organization. But commitment cannot be commanded: carrots and sticks only bring compulsory cooperation. Fair process inspires employees to use their energy and initiative to execute a strategy to the best of their abilities. There are three mutually reinforc...
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