Expectation clarity requires that after a strategy is

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Unformatted text preview: loop that enhances learning. 3. Expectation clarity. Expectation clarity requires that after a strategy is set, managers state clearly the new rules of the game and what is expected of employees. Although the expectations of a Blue Ocean Strategy may be demanding, employees should know up front what standards they will be judged by and the penalties for failure. When people clearly understand what is expected of them, political jockeying and favoritism are minimized, and people can focus on executing the strategy rapidly. 10 © 2008 Kim & Mauborgne. All Rights Reserved. Blue Ocean Strategy Dictionary Fishbowl Management is the process whereby the activities (action and inaction) of the key influencers of an organization, or kingpins, are made transparent to one another for all to see, as fish in a fishbowl. By placing kingpins in a fishbowl one can greatly raise the stakes of inaction. Light is shined on those who are lagging behind and those who are excelling. Punishment and reward, in turn,...
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