For example if the product or service has strong

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Unformatted text preview: r the strategic price can be within the price range that still attracts the mass of target buyers. For example, if the product or service has strong patents and hard-to-imitate service capabilities one can use upperboundary strategic pricing to attract the mass of buyers. On the other hand, if a manager is uncertain about their patent and asset protection they should consider pricing somewhere in the middle to lower end of the corridor. © 2008 Kim & Mauborgne. All Rights Reserved. 14 Blue Ocean Strategy Dictionary Principles of Blue Ocean Strategy are the six main principles that guide companies through the formulation and execution of their Blue Ocean Strategy in a systematic risk minimizing and opportunity maximizing manner. The first four principles address Blue Ocean Strategy formulation: 1. Reconstruct market boundaries. This principle identifies the paths by which managers can systematically create uncontested market space across diverse industry domains, hence attenuating search risk. It teaches companies how to make the competition irrelevant by looking...
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