In order to assess trends across time three criteria

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Unformatted text preview: s business model. By looking across time—from the value a market delivers today to the value it might deliver tomorrow— managers can actively shape the future and lay claim to a new blue ocean. In order to assess trends across time, three criteria are critical: the trend must be decisive to the business, irreversible and have a clear trajectory. See Six Paths Framework. Tipping Point Leadership is the set of leadership principles that allow managers to overcome execution hurdles fast and at low cost while winning employees’ backing in executing a breakthrough strategy. Tipping point leadership builds on the rarely exploited reality that in every organization, there are people, acts, and activities that exercise a disproportionate influence on performance. Contrary to conventional wisdom, tipping point leadership is focused on conserving resources and cutting time by focusing on identifying and then leveraging the factors of disproportionate influence in an organization. Tipping Point leaders...
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