Often to wake employees up to the need for change

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Unformatted text preview: ten to wake employees up to the need for change, companies point to the numbers and insist that the company must achieve better results. This, however, is often too abstract to inspire employees to move. In order to effectively change employees’ attitude and behavior, one must make them see and experience the need to change first hand. To overcome the cognitive hurdle employees must be put face-to-face with their worst operational problems and with disgruntled customers. Research in neuroscience and cognitive science shows that people remember and respond most effectively to what they see and experience. See Tipping Point Leadership. Cold Spots are activities that have high resource input but low performance impact. Taking resources away from cold spots and assigning them to activities that have a high performance impact is a way to execute Blue Ocean Strategy with limited resources. See Resource Hurdle. Commonalities are shared preferences among buyers. To ensure that a blue ocean is deep and wide enough to guarantee sustainable profitability, managers must aggregate the greatest demand for their offering by challenging two conventional strategic practices: focusing on existing customers and driving for finer segmentation to accommodate buyer differences. B...
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