On motivating key players to aggressively move

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Unformatted text preview: do so by asking the following key questions: What factors or acts exercise a disproportionately positive influence on breaking the status quo? On getting the maximum bang out of each buck of resources? On motivating key players to aggressively move forward with change? And on knocking down political roadblocks that often trip up even the best strategies? By single-mindedly focusing on points of disproportionate influence, tipping point leaders can topple the four hurdles that limit execution of Blue Ocean Strategy fast and at lower cost. U Unit of Analysis is, in the context of management literature, the basic observable entity used to study and explain the success or failure of businesses over time. The unit of analysis commonly used in exploring the roots of high performance is the company or the industry. However, as there is no perpetually highperforming firm or high performing industry – both rise and fall across time -- Blue Ocean Strategy uses the strategic move, and not the company or the industry, as the bas...
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