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Once a company is awakened to the need for change

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Unformatted text preview: ating employees in executing a new strategy like Blue Ocean Strategy. Once a company is awakened to the need for change, managers must ensure that their employees act in a direct, meaningful and sustained manner. Too often breakthrough strategies fail because front-line employees fail to execute them properly. This is often the result of business leaders issuing grand strategic visions through massive top-down mobilization initiatives that are often a cumbersome, expensive, and time-consuming process. Particularly given the wide variety of motivational needs in most large companies, these overarching strategic visions often inspire lip service instead of the intended action. Instead of diffusing change efforts widely, tipping point leaders follow a reverse course and seek mass concentration over mass mobilization to overcome the motivational hurdle. They focus on three factors of disproportionate influence in motivating employees: kingpins, fishbowl management, and atomization. See Kin...
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