See six paths framework consigliere is a politically

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Unformatted text preview: arket space. See Six Paths Framework. Consigliere is a politically adept and highly respected insider who can help identify landmines that may lie ahead in executing a Blue Ocean Strategy. A consigliere will, for example, help identify who will fight and who will support the changes a tipping point leader would like to make. While it is important to build a top management team with strong functional skills such as marketing, operations or finance, bringing a Consigliere on board allows a leader to zoom in on identifying the key players and how they will likely play the political game. See Political Hurdles. D Devils are people who will likely fight the execution of a Blue Ocean Strategy. They are the ones who have the most to lose from the new strategy. Once identified, devils need to be isolated. Tipping point leaders build a coalition of supporters (angels) around them to dissuade the naysayers from attacking them; for attacking the new strategy would mean attacking the mass of supporters. See Politica...
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