T tagline is a phrase that captures the essence of

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Unformatted text preview: t forms but the same functionality or core utility. Cars and buses, for example, are substitutes because they have the same function: going from one place to another quickly. T Tagline is a phrase that captures the essence of the “to be” strategy in a way that speaks forcefully to both a company’s employees and the target mass of buyers. A blue ocean strategy has a clear-cut and compelling tagline. A compelling tagline ensures that the strategy makes senses. It helps customers identify immediately what is offered, and it helps employees identify what they should concentrate on, thereby, bringing focus to the execution of the strategy. Target Costing is the process of actively searching for ways to minimize an offering’s costs to meet the predetermined strategic price and profit margin. Many companies take the reverse path: looking at their product’s cost, they add their desired margin to create their price. This usually leads to a price that is not attractive to the mass of t...
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