Taking resources away from cold spots activities that

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Unformatted text preview: are activities that have low resource input but high performance impact. Taking resources away from cold spots (activities that have high resource input but low performance input) and assigning them to hot spots is a way to execute Blue Ocean Strategy with limited resources. See Cold Spots and Resource Hurdle. K Kingpins are key influencers in an organization. These are the individuals who are well respected and persuasive, and have an ability to unlock or block access to key resources. To execute Blue Ocean Strategy fast and at lower cost, leaders should concentrate on influencing the kingpins who have significant influence over the mass of employees instead of attempting to tackle everyone in the organization. See Motivational Hurdle. M Migrators are businesses or products/services that offer improved value over competition, but not innovative value. These offerings give customers more for less, but do not substantially change the strategic profile of their industry. See Pioneer-Migrator-Settler (PMS) Map. Motivational Hurdles are the blocks to motiv...
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