These businesses are blue ocean strategies they are

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Unformatted text preview: ically diverges from the competition, and they have a mass following of customers. These businesses are Blue Ocean Strategies; they are the most powerful sources of profitable growth. Migrators are businesses or products/services that offer improved value over competition, but not innovative value: they give customers more for less, but do not radically change the key factors of competition of their industry. Settlers are businesses or products/services that offer more or less the same value to buyers as the rest of the industry. These are me-too businesses. Although they are often today’s cash cows, settlers will not generally contribute much to a company’s future growth because they are stuck within the red ocean of competition. To assess a company’s profitable growth prospects, a company should plot each business or product/ service as a circle on the map according to the criteria above. (cont’d) 13 © 2008 Kim & Mauborgne. All Rights Reserved. Blue Ocean Strategy Dictionary The si...
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