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They believe that their needs are too different from

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Unformatted text preview: market. Often, companies focus on their existing customers and ignore noncustomers. They believe that their needs are too different from what they can offer or that they belong to other industries. To unlock untapped demand, managers must look outside of their typical customer base. By expanding their worldview beyond their current customers, they can reach beyond existing demand and unlock a new mass of customers that did not exist before. P Pioneer-Migrator-Settler (PMS) Map is both a diagnostic and planning tool that helps managers assess and plan their future growth at the portfolio level. The PMS Map is a 3-by-2 matrix where each row represents a business category - pioneers, migrators and settlers. With respect to the two columns, the first represents the business situation today, while the second column represents the business situation in the future. Managers can use the PMS Map to plot either businesses in their portfolio, or the products/services they offer. Pioneers are businesses or products/services that offer unprecedented value to buyers. Their value curve rad...
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