This is because they are competing not only with

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Unformatted text preview: e competing not only with products or services from the same industry: customers make trade-offs across offerings from alternative industries. By focusing on the key factors that lead buyers to trade across alternative industries and by eliminating or reducing everything else, a company can create a blue ocean of new market space. See Six Paths Framework. Angels are those within a company who have the most to gain from the execution of a new strategy. They are the ones who will support you in the execution of your Blue Ocean Strategy. You need to identify angels early on, and build a coalition of them around you. Having a coalition of angels around you protects you from your adversaries, because attacking you would mean attacking your coalition. See Political Hurdles. Atomization is the process of breaking the execution of a Blue Ocean Strategy into bite-size atoms that employees at each level of the organization can relate to and feel responsible for. Unless employees believe that the new strategic challenge is attainable, they will likely be de-motivated. Therefore the new strateg...
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