Emotional orientation looking across time instead of

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Unformatted text preview: an industry’s products and services; looking across functional or emotional appeal to buyers instead of accepting an industry's functional or emotional orientation; looking across time instead of focusing on the same point in time as the rest of the industry. By looking across these conventional boundaries, companies gain insight into what factors they should eliminate, reduce, raise or create in their offering to reconstruct market boundaries to unlock a blue ocean of new market space. Strategic Groups within Industries are groups of companies within an industry that pursue a similar strategy. Strategic groups can generally be ranked in a rough hierarchical order built on two dimensions, price and performance. For example in the car manufacturing industry, the luxury car segment and the economy car segment are two separate strategic groups. When trying to reconstruct market boundaries, companies should look across strategic groups within their industry as buyers make trade-offs between offerings from different strategic groups and not solely on price. See Six...
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