08LectureSTUDENT07 - Lecture Eight: Expansion and...

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Lecture Eight: Expansion and Transformation Lecture Reading – Sherman, pages 129-147, Documents 4.1 and 4.2. I.Wars of the Mediterranean A.Rome Confronts Carthage 264-241 BC 1.First Punic War a)Both want Messina b)Romans need ships to win c)Romans establish a navy – not trying to make good ships 2.Second Punic War 218-146 BC a)Fight over Spain b)Hannibal wins at Cannae (216) – uses Roman tactics c)Romans eventually win with Scipio – takes war to Carthaginian homeland d)Carthage signs treaty (201) 3.Third Punic War a)Carthage sacked, destroyed (146 BC) – Cato the Elder “thinks Carthage must be destroyed” b)Rome expands B.War leads to Influx of Slaves 1.Increase of slaves – warfare – POWS, massive impoverishment 2.High percentage of the population – 25%-40% 3.Slave jobs – wide range of work 4.Slave revolts - Spartacus C.War leads to Economic Problems 1.Long-term wars lead to poverty – longer service time 2.Soldiers not paid formally 3.Farmers go bankrupt 4.Rich landholders benefit
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08LectureSTUDENT07 - Lecture Eight: Expansion and...

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