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12LectureSTUDENT07 - E.Battle of Tours – Merovingians...

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Lecture Twelve: Islam, 600-1000 Lecture Reading – Sherman, pages 210-224, Document 6.3 I.The Prophet Mohammed A.Born 570 B.Raised in Mecca C.Has vision beginning in 610 D.Revelations written in Qur’an/Koran II.Islam’s Tenets A.Monotheistic B.Koran is the word of God – stays in Arabic C.FIVE PILLARS 1.Statement of faith – only one Allah and Mohammed is his prophet 2.Public rituals 3.Almsgiving – highly stratified 4.Fasting 5.Pilgrimage III.Spread of Islam A.Hijra, 622 – fleeing Mecca to Medina B.Returns to Mecca 628 C.Establishes shrine D.Caliphs spread religion
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Unformatted text preview: E.Battle of Tours – Merovingians defeat Muslims IV.Success and Unity A.Military Strength/Unity B.Belief in Holy War C.Tolerance for “people of the book” D.Common language E.Loyalty beyond the kingdom F.Common law, traditions G.Trade network V.Forces of Disunity A.Question of who will rule B.Shi’ite Muslims C.Sunni Muslims D.Umayyed caliphate E.‘Abbasid caliphate F.De-centering of Muslim world VI.Heirs to Hellenistic Learning A.Medicine B.Mathematics C.Literature D.Art/Architecture...
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