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Lecture Fourteen: The Vikings and Feudalism Lecture Reading – Sherman, pages 242-258, Documents 7.3 and 7.4 I.Order Interrupted: Vikings and Other Invaders A.Charlemagne’s Descendants 1.Empire is personal 2.Treaty of Verdun 3.United Europe disappears 4.Lands more vulnerable to invasion B.New Invaders 1.Magyars 2.Muslims 3.Northmen a)Farm and trade b)Germanic peoples c)Inflict much harm C.Viking Conquest 1.Western Explorations 2.N. American Settlement 3.European settlements
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Unformatted text preview: 4.Scandinavians convert 5.New ties formed II.Manors and Feudal Ties A.Life on a manor 1.Manor layout 2.Village life 3.Serfs’ obligations 4.Lords’ obligations 5.Good bargain? B.Elite Feudal Obligations 1.Lord and Vassal a)Germanic chiefs b)Land for loyalty c)Noble function: Warfare d)Hereditary system 2.Feudal System a)Contract that ties b)Multiple roles c)Flexible bonds d)Marriage ties change e)Women’s power...
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