15LectureSTUDENT07 - 1 Heavy stone roof 2 Dark 3 Located on...

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Lecture Fifteen: Workers, Thinkers, and Fighters Lecture Reading – Sherman, pages 260-279, Documents 8.3 and 8.4 I. Those Who Work and Agricultural Life a. New forms of power b. New techniques for farming – padded horse collar c. Population doubles d. Peasants move east e. Environment changes – pollution from excess waste, begin burning coal II. Outside the Order: Town Life a. Opportunity and Limitation i.Freedom from Feudal Obligations ii.Communes and Guilds iii.Urban Jews b. Increasing Trade i.Trade increases ii.Southern zone iii.Northern zone iv.Champagne fairs v.Hanseatic League c. Architecture i.Romanesque Architecture
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Heavy stone roof 2. Dark 3. Located on pilgrimage routes ii.Gothic Architecture 1. churches 2. flying buttresses 3. pointed arches 4. Stained Glass III. Thinkers: Learning Expands a. Universities grow b. Scholasticism established c. Reconcile faith and reason i.Aquinas ii.Abelard d. Explore the physical world (Hildegard of Bingen) IV. Nobles and Knights a. Castles i.Private homes for nobility and retainers ii.Fortresses to protect serfs iii.Designed for comfort by 1200s b. Chivalry i.Mock battles ii.Chansons de geste iii.Romantic love iv.Courtly love v.Noble ideal...
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15LectureSTUDENT07 - 1 Heavy stone roof 2 Dark 3 Located on...

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