17LectureSTUDENT07 - v.Political and religious demands III....

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Lecture Seventeen: Medieval Disasters Lecture Reading – Sherman, pages 300-315, Documents 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3 I. Disasters and Misery a. Disaster Strikes i.Famine ii.Bad Weather iii.Black Death 1. Law and order break down 2. Priests fail to minister 3. Flagellants hope to avert punishment 4. Jews become targets b. Aftereffects i.Labor shortage ii.Lords demand more iii.Peasants demand more iv.John Ball argues for new society v.Unrest increases in cities vi.Social conflicts crushed but workers get higher wages II. Imperial Papacy Under Seige a. Papal Authority and Schism i.“Babylonian Captivity” ii.Return to Rome iii.The Great Schism iv.Council of Pisa (1409) v.Council of Constance (1417) b. Criticism of the Church i.Wycliffe attacks papal authority ii.Bible alone iii.No earthly power iv.Jan Hus follows Wycliffe
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Unformatted text preview: v.Political and religious demands III. Hundred Years War a. 1337-1453 b. England and France feud over succession to throne c. English weapons superior d. Duke of Burgundy intervenes on English side e. Seesaw battle, English seem to win f. France needs miracle g. Joan of Arc is miracle i.English lay siege to Orlans ii.Peasant girl persuades Dauphin to try for victory iii.Orlans liberated iv.Dauphin goes to Reims, is crowned v.Joan captured by Burgundians, executed vi.France embraces cause, rallies against British h. Results of the War i.Feudal system begins to break down ii.English expelled from France iii.French king central power iv.Parliament stronger in England v.Wars of the Roses in England over succession...
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17LectureSTUDENT07 - v.Political and religious demands III....

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