18LectureSTUDENT07 - The Mongols i.Ghengis Khan 1 Cruel...

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Lecture Eighteen: Responses and Empires Lecture Reading – Sherman, pages 315-328 I. Responses to Disaster and Despair a. Scholasticism Reconsidered i.William of Ockham ii.Nominalism iii.God not necessarily logical iv.Ockham’s Razor - Simple v.Arguments against synthesis of doctrine and Aristotelianism b. Literary Responses i.Dante ( Divine Comedy ) 1. Vernacular Literature 2. Harmonious like scholastics ii.Bocaccio (Decameron ) 1. Reflects post-plague attitude 2. Lax morals disrupt “traditional values” iii.Chaucer 1. Offers view of 14 th century concerns 2. Criticizes corruption 3. Golden age of chivalry c. New View of Painting i.Recreate world ii.Uses oil paint iii.Realism and Symbolism II. Empires in the East a.
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Unformatted text preview: The Mongols i.Ghengis Khan 1. Cruel conqueror 2. Peaceful rule 3. Written language and law code ii.Grandson also successful ruler – Khublai Khan 1. Trade with Venetians 2. Luxury goods, amazing stories inspire exploration b. Ottoman Empire i.Turks migrate from steppes ii.Convert to Islam iii.Surround Byzantine Empire by 1355 iv.Conquer Constantinople v.Suleiman continues expansion vi.Turks threaten Europe c. Russia i.Ivan I collects tribute from Mongols ii.Money used for expansion iii.Moscow expands into Russia and Ukraine iv.Ivan III claims heritage of Byzantine Empire v.Caesar/tsar, Moscow as Third Rome vi.Allies with Orthodox Church...
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18LectureSTUDENT07 - The Mongols i.Ghengis Khan 1 Cruel...

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