20LectureSTUDENT07 - iv.Domes v.Town Planning b Sculpture...

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Lecture Twenty: Individualism and Renaissance Culture Lecture Reading – Sherman, pages 347-367, Document 10.3 I. Individualism and Self-Interest a. Renaissance Society i.Brute force ii.Political battles iii.Rising crime iv.Strict legislation v.Expulsion of Jews b. Economic Boom i.Spices and trade ii.Wool and Silk iii.Banking increases iv.Slavery revived c. Family and Childhood i.Marriage alliances ii.Dowries iii.Women preside over family life iv.Sentimental ideal v.Strict practice vi.High childhood mortality vii.Many girls die II. Renaissance Art and Culture a. Renaissance Architecture i.Architecture echoes other crafts ii.Buildings echo human body iii.Classical model
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Unformatted text preview: iv.Domes v.Town Planning b. Sculpture i.Realistic ii.Humanist iii.Political iv.Based on science c. Painting i.Perspectival ii.Realistic iii.Transcendent iv.Depicts contemporary life d. “Pseudo” Science i.Astrology ii.Alchemy iii.Mathematics iv.Anatomy III. The Renaissance moves North a. France’s Renaissance i.Burgundy a problem ii.Louis the Spider iii.Land recovered iv.Expand into Provence, Naples v.Take Italian ideas vi.Make own Renaissance b. English Humanism i.Later Renaissance ii.New curriculum, classical learning iii.Thomas More, Utopia iv.Educated Queens v.Shakespeare...
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20LectureSTUDENT07 - iv.Domes v.Town Planning b Sculpture...

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