Depending upon the nature and degree of strategic and

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Unformatted text preview: ts to regain her company’s growth trajectory. Depending upon the nature and degree of strategic and operational analysis, students can recommend steps that Cynthia should take to bring the company to “the next level.” The following questions may be used to guide a class discussion. 1. Is Cynthia Riggs an entrepreneur or a small business owner? 2. Would you consider MIB a small business or an entrepreneurial venture? Is there a difference? 3. Is the company in trouble? What indicators do you have that the company is not doing well at this time? 4. What would Cynthia need to do differently to position her company for growth? 5. How can Cynthia build the management team she needs to bring her company to the next level? A “closing” question for students can be “What role should Cynthia take as the company changes and grows?” This can focus students’ attention on the nature of the changing role of the CEO in companies as they grow and mature. Recommended Readings for Students 1. D’Aveni, R.A. (1995). Coping with hypercompetition: Utilizing the new 7S’s framework. Academy of Management Executive, 9(3), 45–57. 2. Kuratko, D.E. & Hodgetts, R.M. (2001). Entrepreneurship: A Contemporary Approach, 5th ed., chapters 4 & 11. Mason, OH: South-Western Publishing. 502 ENTREPRENEURSHIP THEORY and PRACTICE 3. Morris, M.H. (1998). Entrepreneurial Intensity...
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