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Unformatted text preview: Books. 5. Vandenbosch, M. & Dawar, N. (2002). Beyond Better Products: Capturing Value in Customer Interactions. MIT Sloan Management Review, 43(4), 35–42. 6. Wheelen, T. L. & Hunger, J. D. (2002). Strategic Management and Business Policy, 8th ed., 312–313. Prentice-Hall. Role of the Author The case author met Cynthia Riggs at an Entrepreneurial Excellence workshop, hosted by Sonoma State University, in June 2002. Cynthia had come to the seminar looking for advice and management referrals for her company. At this time, as noted in the case, Cynthia’s company had successfully launched its website and was mailing two catalogues per year to a mailing list of 5,000. During the summer of 2002, through a series of e-mail and phone conversations, the case writer helped Cynthia compile a chronology of Cynthia’s personal and business experiences. Further communication with MIB’s bookkeeper, general manager, and production manager helped solidify the issues in the case and provided additional financial and operational information. Joan Winn is a professor at the University of Denver. Fall, 2004 503 504 ENTREPRENEURSHIP THEORY and PRACTICE...
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