She had hoped to build a management team to help her

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Unformatted text preview: t sure where to turn. She had hoped to build a management team to help her expand the business, but the disappointing returns threatened to derail her plans and her business. The case is positioned to discuss the stages of new business development and growth. The two major themes of this case are (a) the personal decisions involved in starting and managing a business, and (b) dealing with the uncertainties that threaten a business’s profitability and growth. Many students will identify with the path Cynthia Riggs has taken in starting and building Making It Big. This case contains enough information to analyze the company’s operations and the impact of the Internet and the changes in the economy on Making It Big’s financial situation. Key Issues and Discussion Points A major theme of this case concerns the uncertainties involved in running a business in a highly competitive, fragmented, and turbulent marketplace. Key issues and discussion points include the following: 1. Personal decisions involved in starting and running a business. 2. Positioning a niche business in a fragmented industry. Please send correspondence to: Joan Winn at [email protected] Fall, 2004 501 3. Operational and environmental challenges for small and growing businesses. 4. Complexities and uncertainties in strategic decision making. Potential Audiences and Uses This case is intended for an undergraduate or graduate course in entrepreneurship...
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