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The instructor may choose to use this case to

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Unformatted text preview: or small business management. The instructor may choose to use this case to illustrate the experiences and opportunities that can precipitate the start of a new venture. The attention to personal commitment and skills issues that affect business growth potential makes this case useful for students who are writing their own business plans. This case is particularly helpful for students who have some familiarity with small-business management, because these students will most closely identify with Cynthia in her attempt to bring her company “to the next level.” Students should identify with the personal and lifestyle decisions that are integral to the decision to start and grow a business, as well as the nature and degree of commitment needed to form a cohesive partnership or management team. Suggested Teaching Approach The instructor may want to start the case discussion by asking students about Cynthia herself: is she an entrepreneur, is she an opportunist, is she an effective small-business manager? What role should she take in leading the company for the future? Students should discuss Cynthia’s personal perspective and MIB’s current strategy and operations to understand the impact of the current downturn and the potential for future growth. Having put themselves in Cynthia’s shoes when she started the business, students can then consider the role that Cynthia should take now, as she attemp...
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